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Ventilation Service

Maintaining the quality of the air being circulated throughout your home can be difficult, but is critically important to both your health and the performance of your heating and cooling systems. From air filtration to humidity control, our air quality and ventilation services provide you with affordable solutions to ensure the air that you’re breathing is clean, comfortable, and safe.

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& Air Quality

Controlling the air quality in your home begins (and ends) with your HVAC system. As air travels throughout your home, it picks up particles such as dust and other microscopic pollutants along the way. The ventilation system recycles that air – dirt and all. Regular cleaning of your air ducts can greatly reduce the amount of …well…things you’d be better off not breathing. Another option is to install a self-cleaning ionization generator designed to help treat the air in residential heating and cooling duct systems. As the air flows past the air purifier, positive and negative ions clean the supply air, reducing certain bacteria and viruses in the coil and, as a result, the living space. Ionization also reduces smoke and odors (cooking, pets, etc), as well as other potential irritants. Whatever your approach, we can halp.

With over 60 years of experience, Brode HVAC proudly offers professional Ventilation Services throughout Northeast Ohio, including Portage Country, Geauga Country, and surrounding areas.

Proper Duct Installation

For Heating and Cooling Systems

Improperly sized ductwork can play a huge part in the efficiency of your HVAC system. Unfortunately for homeowners, it’s a surprisingly common problem.

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Our experts have the knowledge and experience to quickly determine the problem so they can fix it and you can get back to the usual comfort of your home.


Routine inspection and maintenance of your home's air ducts can improve the quality of the air in your home and ensure the optimal efficiency of your HVAC system.


Our technicians specialize in the installation of residential and commercial duct systems including furnaces and air conditioners.